Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Nai Doova"—Bolgoda Lake

"Nai Doova" is a small island located in the Bolgoda Lake in Piliyandala, Sri Lanka. Nai Doova is one of the 8 islands in the lake. Other famous islands are Ruskin Island, San Michelle Island, and Picnic Island. This island is called as "Nai Doova"—Cobra Island in English—due to a historical reason.

"People lived around the area used to dump all the reptiles caught in their ba
ckyards into to this island, that's why they call it as Nai Doova" Mr. Nimal (who's managing a small restaurant) told me.

Bolgoda Lake is a tributary of Kalu Ganga which starts from Adams Peak. It is presumed to be the largest natural lake in Sri Lanka, covers almost two thirds of the Kalutara district, extending from Anguruwatota to Piliyandala. It is also the largest fresh water lake in Sri Lanka. The lake's depth is said to be in the range of 20–50 feet.

There are number of restaurants and hotels established around the area. They provide facilities for activities such as half day or full day Eco Tours for sight seeing and Bird watching, Sun Bathing, Pedal Boats, Motor Boats, Rowing, Sailing, Trawling, Angling, Jet Skiing etc.,

One can get to this place by traveling on Colombo–Horana road. After traveling about 0.5km from the Piliyandala town, there is a road on to the right-hand side—called "Madapatha Road." Drive about 2km–3km on the Madapatha road and come to the Madapatha junction. From the junction, drive straight about 1km to get to this place.

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